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Each Laser Tattoo removal session is pretty fast.  Obviously a larger tattoo will take longer than a smaller one.  Also, if you have a tattoo with several colors that requires us to switch between the laser type, then it will take a bit longer.  Our average session time is 15 minutes or less, though, so don't worry about this procedure taking up a huge chunk of your day.  We try hard to run on time, too, so that's also less time out of your day!

Is Laser Tattoo removal safe during pregnancy? 


At Vanish, we recopregnant belly webmend not having laser tattoo removal procedures done during the pregnancy.  There is no specific information saying that it is not safe, but it's preferrable to err on the safe side. 

HERE'S THE GOOD NEWS:  say you are part way through having your tattoo removed and find out your pregnant and have to stop treatments.  Will you lose the progress you made? NO!  We can pick up where we left off after you deliver!

There are a few factors that can play a roll in that.  Homemade vs professional, old vs new, colorful vs light.  A general rule of thumb though, is give yourself at least 6 months to remove it and heal back.  Of course, it will be fading long before that!