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Announcing great news for residents of the Eagle Mountain area

Vanish Laser Tattoo Removal and Skin Aesthetics is now open and ready to serve Eagle Mountain residents with all their laser tattoo removal and skin pigmentation removal needs.  Vanish is Fort Worth's premier laser tattoo removal and skin aesthetic center.  Vanish specializes in complete removal of black and colorful tattoos as well as a wide variety of skin pigmentations, such as age spots, sun damage, freckles and more. 

Our Fort Worth facility is coveniently located about 15 miles southest of Eagle Mountain and utilizes one of the most advanced tattoo removal and skin treatment lasers available today, the Trinity Laser by Astanza.  This laser targets and shatters the pigment in the tattoo ink.  This allows the body's natural immune system to absorb and remove the unwanted color.  By targeting only pigment, the laser is able to leave the skin cells intact and undamaged.  Scarring is therefore extremely rare.

Take some time to browse our website for more information and answers to some frequently asked questions.  Then feel free to give us a call with any other questions you may have, to schedule your free consultation, or to get started.

Finding Vanish from Eagle Mountain:  Depending on the traffic through Samson Park and River Oaks, you may want to swing around l00p 820 west to I-30 east.  Provided traffic is not an issue, the most direct route from Eagle Mountain to Vanish, would be to follow Boat Club Rd south to Hwy 199 (Jacksboro Hwy).  Turn Left onto Hwy199, and continue on to University Dr.  Turn right onto University Dr.  Take University Dr. to Camp Bowie Blvd and turn right.  Follow University Dr. to Hulen St. and make the U-turn.  Vanish will be in the business complex on the right at the next intersection (Western Ave and Camp Bowie Blvd).


4455 Camp Bowie Blvd
Suite 232
Fort Woth, TX 76107