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When choosing a laser facility for your procedures it can be very confusing. There are many factors that should go into your decision.

At Vanish we believe the following criteria are most important in choosing a laser facility, whether it's for tattoo removal or aesthetic skin laser treatments:

What type of laser is the facility using?

There are many types of lasers available in the marketplace that are each designed for specific things. Unfortunately, because there are so many choices, some facilities use lasers that were not designed specifically for the treatments that they are offering to the public. It’s exceedingly important that the facility has a laser specializing in the procedure that you're having performed.03-treatment-room 1328w

We have heard several stories from clients about bad experiences, where the facility was using the same laser for tattoo removal as they were  using for hair removal. Unfortunately, this misuse of the laser can cause scarring because requirements for hair removal are different than what needs to happen with tattoo removal.

At Vanish, we use an Astanza Trinity Nd:YAG and Ruby Q-switched laser that is designed specifically for tattoo removal and aesthetic skin laser treatments, such as rejuvenation and discoloration (age spots, sun damage, birth marks, etc.) removal. So what the heck does all that mean?

Nd:YAG: uses light focused from a flashlamp. The flashlamps discharge high current pulses. Nd: YAG is an abbreviation for neodymium-doped yttrium aluminum garnet (Nd:Y3Al5 O12 )- the crystal used to pass the light through to create the laser.

1064 nM wavelength used to work on black, purple and browns.

532 nM: wavelength used to work on Red, orange, yellow.

Ruby 694: wavelength used to work on blue, green; actually uses a ruby crystal to generate the laser. The Ruby aspect of our laser is one of the main unique features that we can brag about. There are very few lasers in the country that have the Ruby laser capability. This is what allows us to do an outstanding job removing difficult colors such as blue and green.

Q-Switching indicates there is a gated mirror in the laser that gathers photons and releases them in a powerful burst. This is important because it creates ultrashort pulses that can produce 300°C tissue temperatures in nanoseconds. This is part of what allows the pigment to shatter because of the fast thermal expansion and photoacoustic (shock) waves it creates.

Tattoo laser pulses more intensely with more heat & at 1/1 trillionth of a second pulses. By comparison, a hair removal laser has a longer pulse length (1/1000 of a second) and less heat/intensity. A hair removal laser will heat the tissue for too long of a period of time, causing a high potential for scarring.

How cuinside of laser webrrent is the laser?

Laser technology is changing fast. We're using cutting-edge technology at Vanish and that's part of the reason why were having fantastic results!

Is there a certified laser technician on staff?

While not necessarily required by state law, At Vanish we have certified laser technicians on staff that are specifically trained on the laser we are using. This superior knowledg

e and understanding of the physics behind the laser allows our staff to perform their job with professionalism.

Is there a medical director on staff?

Vanish is a medical laser facility. As such, we maintain higher standards of care and have a medical director that oversees our patients’ treatments. So rest assured our procedures are safe, FDA cleared, and specifically designed for you.

What is the atmosphere of the facility you're going to?

You'll find at Vanish that we specialize in a relaxing, spa- like atmosphere where everyone can be comfortable. Come in, have a seat on our couch and enjoy our soothing music while you wait for your appointment in a clean, safe environment. But don't expect to wait too long! We try very hard to run on time.

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