Do tattoo removal creams really work?

Do a search for tattoo removal online, and you will find numerous options for removing an unwanted tattoo.  Of those options, tattoo removal creams boast guaranteed results within a few months to a year.  Great! They offer a money back guarantee.  There’s a problem with that though.  If you really want to see results they say it can take months or even a year.  You only have 60 days from the time you purchase the cream to request your money back.  Allow 4-6 weeks for processing and shipping, and you’ve only got about a month or less to use the product.  If it takes months or a year to really see results (if the product even works), most people may think, “Well, I didn’t give it enough time to really start working.”

So do these creams really work? Most likely, not really.  They may cause some fading by causing your skin to turn over more rapidly and basically speed up the natural fading process that occurs with a tattoo over time.  Tattoo ink is placed beneath the top layer of skin, the dermis, into the epidermis. Topical creams, no matter how potent or “guaranteed” they may be, just cannot penetrate into the lower layer of skin. Another problem with these tattoo removal creams are the ingredients. Many contain harsh chemicals that can bleach, burn, or damage your skin in potentially permanent ways.

The “gold standard” for tattoo removal is laser tattoo removal. While laser treatment is not comfortable and does often cause scabbing and blistering, the discomfort is manageable for the duration of the short procedure and the side effects are generally short term. Within 4-6 weeks, most patients’ skin is healed and ready for the next laser tattoo removal session. On average a tattoo can be completely removed with 5-10 laser treatments. This range is dependent on many factors including depth of ink, color of ink, density of ink, the patient’s own immune system, and many more. During your free consultation, an estimate of the number of sessions required will be given for your specific tattoo. Call our office today to schedule your free consultation.